Be Part of the Solution

July 13, 2018

In Wednesday’s verse, James began a conversation about faith and works.  Yesterday, he began building the scenario of a brother or sister who is poorly clothed and lacking in daily food…




and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and filled,” without giving them the things needed for the body, what good is that?  (James 2:16)




I believe in the power of prayer!  Prayer is one of the best things that we can do for others, and in some situations, it’s about the only thing that we can do.  However, there are many times that God wants us to put our faith in action by putting our prayers in action.


We meet someone who has a practical need that we know we can fill.  The easy answer is to say, “I will pray for you,” but when we pray for them, we are really praying that someone else will help them.  I wonder how many times God hears our prayers, knowing that the prayer would already be answered if the pray-er would just do what He has commanded in His Word.


There is a reason the Church is called the Body of Christ.  When Jesus was here in the flesh, He was limited to being in one place at a time.  He told His apostles in John 14:12 that after He returned to the Father, believers would carry on His works, and even do greater works than He had done.  How is that possible?  The answer lies with His Holy Spirit.  On the Day of Pentecost, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in every believer, so Christians have been empowered to carry on His work simultaneously all around the world.  We are to be His hands and feet in every nation, doing what He would do if He was still here in the flesh.


It’s easy to pray for God to send help to someone.  It takes faith in action to be the helper that He sends.  It’s easy to be part of a prayer team asking God to solve a problem.  It takes faith in action to be part of the solution.




Today’s Good News is that God is sending help to all four corners of the globe.  He is sending us!


Now, go share the Good News…






(Day #43)




If you are joining us part way through this Journey in James, you can access the devotionals you missed in the archives.  (The series started on June 1.)




If this is your first visit to this website, please read the “Featured Post” from March 1, 2018.



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